TQ Homebase Girls Boys Rain Boots at Sizes for Toddlers and Kids Rainbow Unicorn Camo Fire Truck - B07G77LZ3K

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  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMFORT FOR TODDLERS AND KIDS. Our girls and boys rain boots are made by light weight synthetic material lined with soft polyester and cozy EVA insoles inserted. All are made to bring comfort to kids in a wider range of temperature.

  • 100% WATERPROOF & STURDY. The girls and boys rain boots are in one piece design and will keep boys and girls¡¯ feet dry. The heels are at a proper height with slip resistant structure, which grip to the ground well when kids are walking, stepping or jumping.

  • GOOD FIT AND SELECTED STYLES. Our rain boots allow some room to stuck pants inside. Patterns are chosen as they easily campaigns to other rainwear outfit: Rainbow, Unicorn, Camo & Fire Truck etc, each is a good choice for either girl or boy! Also we have added handles into some styles to help kids pull the rain boots on by their little own hands.

  • EASY CLEAN. After a long day play, you can just hose under a faucet, leave them air dry and the rain boots are ready for the next adventure.

  • ALWAYS THE GOOD CHOICE FOR YOUR KID. Every little or big kid loves the adventures in rain, mud and puddles. Our products are made to bring them fun and further. And we prepare a wide range of sizes for kids. We want you to love us more, now selected styles are at sale price. Do not miss the good chance!

  • Why Us?
    TQ Hombase, born with the mission of bringing fun in rain, wet places and even further for kids! We are dedicated to material selection and process control to ensure the products are qualified for kids usage. All designs and patterns are specially created for toddlers and kids. We always present comfortable, safe and durable rain boots to your little kid.

    Why the product?
    Comfortable for girls and boys! Main material is synthetic, light weight and durable. The soft polyester liner could help absorb moisture and avoid adhesive and rough feeling. And cozy white EVA insoles are added to bring further comfort. These insoles are removable, easy to clean and replace.
    Durable and waterproof. The rain boots are made in one-piece design, preventing products falling apart. The standardized size of our rain boots will keep your boy or girl's feet dry, no matter in rain, mud or puddles. The heels are at a proper height with slip resistant structure, a good grip to the ground when kids move.
    Cleaning is easy: first take out the insoles, second wash rain boots either under a faucet or in a sink or bathtub, last dry the rain boots and insoles in the air, and then they will be ready for the next play! We suggest you dry and store the rain boots in dry cool space.
    Fun patterns and sizes for toddlers & kids of sizes 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1 2. Be sure to choose from the Size Chart. Also bear in mind that rain boots may fit your girls' feet differently than regular shoes at the same standard size.
    Rainbow with light up flashes at your girl's steps or jumps. Handles are added to some sizes.
    Unicorn with handles to help pull on the rain boots by girls own.
    Camo with handles helps boys to wear rain boots by themselves.
    Fire Truck is a unique pattern for boy.
    Each pair is well packed into a corrugated box.

    You will love our worthy girls and boys rain boots! Don't hesitate to take them home for your loved little one!

    TQ Homebase Girls Boys Rain Boots at Sizes for Toddlers and Kids Rainbow Unicorn Camo Fire Truck - B07G77LZ3K

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