HITA GETA 日田下駄 WHITE WOOD For Girls 18cm (US 11 EURO28) E - B06ZYLJ8SH

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  • cotton

  • Japanese Brand Hita Geta

  • That’s made raising center a little for living an arch of feet.

  • Since hard sponge sticks is on the bottom, the impact during walking is eased. Also it’s difficult to slip and to get tired.

  • Hita Geta is very highly regarded.

  • It has feature not only health, but also fitting. Moreover, it is stylish as you feel.

  • For parents who are suffering from “bad posture” or “valgus hallux, the varus little toe” of the KIDS. legs get tired very easily bad posture with a hunched back. slow of foot More than 80% parents think it is ”our heredity”, and feel resigned to improve it, or scold to the KID for the correction. But, do you know it is modern tendency? It is said that shoes influence this. The cause of the tendencies is toes cannot hold out weakly. The Geta=clogs are made to walk with right posture. Thus, the shock of the landing softens, and balance is improved if I wear it every day. Because the Geta don’t tighten legs, It makes the right movement and the form of the foot. In addition, a clog thong stimulates finger and makes the blood circulation better and lets the brain activate. According to the study of Tsukuba University. They distributed clogs to kindergarten. Some kids wear only Geta and rest of kids wear only shoes for a year and half. the child of clogs 1.Grounding sole increases 2.The power of toes is stronger  the child of shoes  1.Little finger floats  2. The power of toes is weak

    HITA GETA 日田下駄 WHITE WOOD For Girls 18cm (US 11 EURO28) E - B06ZYLJ8SH

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